This is what most sales people are afraid of: “No”.cropped-red-no-sol-sign.jpg

Hoosier Boy is a DIRECT marketing mercenary.  Signs like these illustrate resentment from past experiences of door to door sales people .  The reasons why homeowners have these posted is because they bought what someone was selling, someone in the home or place of business has a hard time telling sales people NO, and prospects have been beaten to death with ineffective marketing.

Sentiments and attitudes that are conveyed in the sign above are prevalent in today’s market. These attitudes are linked to a prospect’s previous experience with a sales person who didn’t understand the principle of direct marketing. Direct marketing is the oldest form of marketing and also the most cost effective marketing source when implemented correctly.

Marketing is a form of sales, however they are completely different.  As was stated previously, direct marketing is the oldest form of marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should utilize it in the same fashion as 1492.  Today most companies have separated their marketing and sales departments; if you haven’t done this yet, you need to because your sales depend on it! Most companies today have segmented marketing into separate departments.  There are many different recipes to effective marketing, but only direct marketing remains consistent and efficient. Let your sales people do what they should be doing; closing deals!

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